Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Michael Fischer
Effectif: Effectif : between 12 and 18
Pays : Autriche
Région : Europe

Michael Fischer : instant composition conductor
Isabell Kargl : voice
Nika Zach : voice
Claudia Cervenca : voice
Boglárka Bábiczki : voice
Sun Sun Yap : voice
Tahereh Nourani : flute
Sara Zlanabitnig : flute
Elena Arbonies Jauregui : clarinet
Elisabeth Kelvin : bass clarinet
Lisa Hofmaninger : soprano saxophone
Clemens Salesny : alto saxophone
Ilse Riedler : tenor saxophone
Nikolaos Afentulidis : tenor saxophone
Alexander Kranabetter : trumpet
Joanna Lewis : violin
Florian Sighartner : violin
Alexander Gheorghiu : violin
Emily Stewart : violin
Simon Frick : violin
Judith Reiter : viola
Clementine Gasser : cello
Margarethe Herbert : cello
Maria Frodl : cello
Clemens Sainitzer : cello
Martin Burk : acoustic bass
Alessandro Vicard : acoustic bass
Beate Wiesinger : acoustic bass
Yoram Rosilio : acoustic bass
Yedda Chunyu Lin : piano
Markus W. Schneider : electric guitar
Edward Reardon : synthesizer
Bernhard Loibner : modular synthesizer
Michael Zacherl : scivolo
Didi Kern : drums
Valentin Duit : drums



Ketajun Dörfler

© DR


By creating conducted instant compositions, the VIO engages in a special discourse of experimental composition and complex improvised music for large ensemble: absolute ad hoc, musicians and instant composition conductor create momentary compositions in an oscillating process of ensemble-improvisation and structure-giving conducting, by means of hand-signs for f.e. dynamic, pitch or duration. A method, connected to developments by Bruno Maderna, John Zorn and above all Lawrence D. Morris, performed by the VIO as an absolute ad hoc praxis. – Terrain for an unforseen universe of possible sound-spaces and -images, potentiated by the fact, that every performance offers ever new constellations of musicians and usually opens the door for at least one new musician.

The VIO was a guest at Moers Festival, Wien Modern or Artacts as well as important venues of the fine arts. Founder Michael Fischer works on the speech immanence of sounds and their dramatic evidence on tenor saxophone/feedback-saxophone, on soundscapes and as instant composition conductor with improvisation orchestras and temporary large ensemble for international festivals and guest-lectures. In 2004 he founded the VIO; it is one of the first continuously working improvisation orchestras in Europe.

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Vienna Improvisers Orchestra