Potsa Lotsa XL : large ensemble of the year (German Jazz Award 2023)

Potsa Lotsa XL has been awarded the German Jazz Award 2023 as large ensemble of the year.

The ensemble POTSA LOTSA XL is known for its innovative power and consistently experimental approach to music. It combines elements of jazz with influences from classical and contemporary music, resulting in a unique and sophisticated sound. The ensemble is the core project of Berlin-based saxophonist Silke Eberhard and has been performing as a large formation since 2017. It also explores works of classical modernism beyond jazz, often in collaboration with other artists. This is also the case for the album « Gaya » (2022), which the experienced musicians of the ensemble recorded together with Youjin Sung and which exemplifies the individual strengths and abilities in the interplay of POTSA LOTSA XL. (Statement of the jury)


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