Tom Bourgeois « Rumeurs » : new video clip Sweet 370

Tom Bourgeois and his large ensemble « Rumeurs » released a new video clip entitled Sweet 370.
It is a one-shot filmed and recorded video-clip. The song is a tribute to the building at 370 Chaussée de Boondael in Brussels, where Tom Bourgeois has lived in for over 10 years and which continues to inspire him. Many artists/musicians have lived there or just spent a few days between two tours.
In this video clip Tom Bourgeois imagined the story of the (real) landlord who came to visit his artist tenants …

Recording : Rudy Coclet
Team IAD : Arthur Schloos – Océane Thijs – Nicolas Pousset
Mixing : Tom Bourgeois
Film/Light/Editing : Patricia Delso-Lucas & Tibor Radvanyi

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