Call to application : join Think Big !

Think Big ! is a European network of large ensembles of jazz and improvised music created by the french federation Grands Formats. With more than 90 professionnal bands and collectives, Grands Formats represents the artistic diversity of jazz and improvised music.

The ensembles involved in the network Think Big ! keep in touch throughout the year to exchange information, resources, and develop communication tools to raise awareness for big band music at a European scale. They meet once a year during Jazzahead conference or other professional events to share on their common projects.

Submit your application by February 10th 2021

If you have a large ensemble based in a European country and you want to be part of this adventure, submit your application by February 10th 2021 !

Before submitting an application, European candidates are invited to contact Aude Chandoné, chief delegate of the federation, to find out more about membership, as well as the goals and running of the federation. Candidates are also invited to contact one of the members of the Board of Directors with any questions or for any advice on this matter.

A committee will meet in spring 2021 to confirm the acceptance of new members to the federation in 2021.

Terms of membership

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