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Become a member


The Grands Formats federation brings together jazz and improvised music big bands and collectives wishing to act to allow the voice of artists to be heard, and to bring music performed in large ensembles to light.

Being a member of Grands Formats is being part of a large family of artists built on sharing and solidarity. It is embracing the desire to pass on history and to defend musical creation, to fight for artists in jazz and improvised music in all its diversity.

Call for applications is open from 2 October to 18 December 2023

Membership criteria (France)

The music ensemble or artist collective hoping to join the federation must :

  • Agree to the values of our federation charter
  • Have been founded by or be run by one or more artists
  • Include at least 8 professional musicians
  • Follow a coherent and quality artistic vision which aims in particular at broadening repertoire for large ensembles, jazz and improvised music
  • Be a long-term project: the ensemble or collective must account for a three-year history minimum to enter the federation as an active member. However, you can apply as companion member after a year’s activity
  • Account for a significant performance activity
  • Be professionally structured
  • Employ professional musician
  • Have its own legal existence or be attached to an independent legal structure allowing it managerial autonomy
  • Comply with its social and fiscal administrative obligations
  • Have its tax domicile in France.
Membership criteria (other European countries)

The music ensemble hoping to join the federation must :

  • Be a professional music ensemble
  • Include at least 8 professional musicians
  • Have a large ensemble artistic project meant for the long term
  • Account for a two-year history and a significant performance activity
  • Follow a coherent artistic vision in the field of jazz and improvised music
  • Be hosted by a legal and administrative structure
  • Comply with work legislations, social and fiscal obligations of its country
  • Wish to take part in a collective initiative.

Ensembles and artist collective wishing to join the federation commit to :

  • Respecting the Grands Formats charter
  • Paying a yearly contribution ranging from 75€ to 250€ depending on their budget (for French members)
  • Paying a 50€ yearly fee for members of the European network (for non-French members)
  • Taking part in the federation’s General Assemblies
  • Contributing to the federation’s studies and surveys by communicating data.
How to join the federation ?

Your ensemble or collective meets the criteria mentioned above and you wish to join Grands Formats and actively partake in its activities ?  Please contact our delegate general to discuss your application and the procedure to follow.


The applications are examined once a year by the Board members, in spring. You may contact the delegate general to ask questions and understand the procedure to follow.

The call for applications to join Grands Formats in 2024 is open from 2 October to 18 December 2023. 

" The Grands Formats federation enables me to be represented on a national scale, it gives me a better understanding of the large ensemble landscape in France, and the sensation of being part of a larger family. "Pierre Baldy-Moulinier, conductor of the Oeuf Big Band

" Grands Formats enables us to collectively make our voices heard, and to defend a way of making music that diverges from that imposed by the mainstream industry steamroller. "Frédéric Maurin, artistic director of the National Jazz Orchestra

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