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Partner venues and festivals


Venues and festivals have joined the federation around a common goal: fostering diversity in artistic proposals presented to their audiences, allowing them to discover the pleasures of big band music and its incredible sound possibilities.

Partner venues and festivals agree to program varied formats of music, and to forge closer links with jazz and improvised music big bands and collectives. These can take the form of concerts, residencies, or other kinds of activities. They also agree to take part in the actions developed by the federation.

Grands Formats regularly organizes Grands Formats Focus events in these venues, landmarks echoing the annual Rentrée Grands Formats conference. These gatherings aim to highlight the initiatives promoting music performed in large ensembles in France.

You run a venue or festival and wish to join our network of partners ?

Our partner venues and festivals

L'Orchestre National de Jazz sur scène

" I have always encouraged the programming of jazz in the Gémeaux – Scène nationale de Sceaux theatre; it now seems only logical to step up and support big bands by partnering with Grands Formats. "Françoise Letellier, former director of the Gémeaux – National scene (France)

" The number and variety of ensembles which constitute Grands Formats today reflect the vitality of contemporary jazz and the creativity of artists who dare to think big for their music. "Renaud Baillet, programmer for Jazz à Poitiers (France)

Nâtah Big Band © Nicolas Merienne –  Grand Ensemble Koa © Bruce Milpied – Orchestre National de Jazz © Pierre Meyer

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