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Following its observation and analysis mission, the Grands Formats federation regularly carries out and published surveys and studies. This is rendered possible by the active participation of its members, and by the work completed in association with numerous partners.

Observing is a means to report on the challenges facing artists navigating the jazz and improvised music industry. The studies and surveys published serve as a baseline to act alongside the Ministry of Culture, local administrations, civil society and other professional networks.

La vie des grands ensembles - etude 2017

Key figures of Grands Formats members

Regularly, the federation conducts significant studies of members. They highlights the vivacity of these jazz and improvised music artistic teams, but also the issues they face in the professional field. They are also a way to better understand the main evolutions of the industry and to raise awareness of the artists’ working conditions.

Studies about French members :

Study about European members (Think Big!) :

Representation of women and men in jazz and improvised music in France

Four federations and professional networks have worked together to perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the representation of women and men in jazz and improvised music. This study, published in 2019, has pointed out numerous inequalities and now serves as a baseline for the implementation of actions in favour of gender equality.

Study conducted by Grands Formats, AJC, FNEIJMA and ADEJ with the expertise of Opale (2018 data).

Gender inequalities and sexist and sexual violence (SGBV) in jazz and improvised music in France

After an initial study carried out in 2018, we wanted to carry out a new review of inequalities between women and men in jazz and improvised music, as well as an initial assessment of sexist and sexual violence (SGBV). We entrusted this study to Marie Buscatto and Ionela Roharik, two experienced academics and sociologists of gender, work and the arts.

Survey conducted by Marie Buscatto and Ionela Roharik, coordinated by Grands Formats, AJC and FNEIJMA (data 2022).

Brochures de l'étude femmes-hommes dans le jazz et les musiques improvisées
Danzas © Christophe Charpenel

Impact of Covid-19 crisis on Grands Formats members

Grands Formats has conducted surveys in 2020 among its French and European members in order to report on the consequences of the health crisis on the activity of the major bands and artistic teams in jazz and improvised music. The results show a complex and threatening situation for the future of musicians, for creation and for employment, with already more than 656 performances cancelled on 15 July 2020, 78% of record releases cancelled, 74 creations cancelled (data from the study on French members)… These surveys are not exhaustive, but they reveal the main difficulties encountered by the federation’s members.

Through a flash survey about the French members 2021 data, the federation wanted to provide an overview of its large ensembles and collectives in terms of diffusion. This data shows the preoccupying situation of Grands Formats members, during the second part of the Covid crisis, and expresses once again the necessity of an ambitious support from the public authorities and promoters.

Eve Risser © Schindelbeck – Study © Grands Formats – Danzas © Christophe Charpenel

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