Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Eve Risser
Effectif: Number : 11 musicians
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France

Eve Risser : piano, flûte alto , composition, direction artistique
Antonin-Tri Hoang : sax alto, clarinette
Sakina Abdou : sax tenor, flûte
Grégoire Tirtiaux : sax baryton, gembri, percussions
Matthias Müller : trombone
Nils Ostendorf : trompette
Tatiana Paris : guitare
Fanny Lasfargues : basse
Emmanuel Scarpa : batterie, percussions

Kogoba Basigui
Red Desert Orchestra
+ Kaladjula Band

Nainy Diabate : chant, bolon, comp
Lalla Diallo : djembé
Fatima Maïga : guitare
Bintou Koïta : dundun
Wassa Kouyaté : claviers, kora
Oumou Koïta : calebasse
Benin Koulibaly : kamele ngoni

Red Desert Orchestra
Mélissa Hié : balafon, djembé
Ophélia Hié : balafon
Oumarou Bambara : djembé, tamani


Diffusion :
Laurent Carrier
29 rue Véron
75 018 Paris
+33 (0)6 71 04 97 10
+33 (0)1 42 62 14 67

© DR

French pianist and composer Eve Risser is one the most sought artists of the young European creative scene, at the crossroads of jazz, improvised and contemporary music. With a strong experience in the Orchestre National de Jazz and many musical creations, she made the bet of writing for a ten-musician orchestra gathering the cream of the Parisian scene as well as a Norwegian trumpet player.
This White Desert Orchestra is a musical project inspired by the Canyons of South West America.

Simultaneously, Eve Risser initiated The Red Desert Orchestra, an ensemble made up of nine European musicians. This band works with two programs: Kogoba Basigui, from the meeting with seven Malian musicians living in Bamako (Kaladjula Band) and Eurythmia which brings together the Red Desert orchestra with three Burkinabe musicians living in France.


No concerts.