Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Jérémie Ternoy and Kristof Hiriart
Effectif: Number : 12 musicians
Country : France
Place : Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Kristof Hiriart : co-leadership, compositions, voice, percussion
Jérémie Ternoy : co-leadership, compositions, piano
Didier Ithursarry : accordion
Vianney Desplantes : tuba, alboka
Christian Pruvost : trumpet, voice
Sakina Abdou : saxophone, flute, voice
Maryline Pruvost : voice, flute
Chris Martineau : alto, voice
Julie Läderach : cello
Christophe Hache : doublebass
Alexis Thérain : guitar
Yoann Scheidt : percussion



Salle Inessa de Gaxen
64240 La Bastide Clairence
+33 (0)5 59 70 14 93

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Jérémie Ternoy is pianist and jazz composer, Kristof Hiriart is singer, percusionnis and composer. They met in 2011. The first lives in the North of France, the other in the Basque country. They decide to share their universes and to structure an instrumental ensemble which is at the crossroads oral tradition, written music and open languages. They surround themselves with ten musicians who share these same artistic concerns.
Strings trio, wind instrument quartet, jazz trio, vocal ensemble, multiple duos and remarkable soloists, all of Organik Orkeztra’s sub-assemblies constitute an orchestra with varied timbral colors.
Everyone has a very advanced practice of improvisation The music remains free, mobile and always approached as being a reflection of the present moment: unique.


No concerts.