Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Maëlle Desbrosses and Bruno Ducret
Effectif: Number : Variable
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France

Suzanne, Maëlle et les garçons
Malboro Bled
Adolf Hibou
Quatuor Kaija
Quatuor Bayou


Maëlle Desbrosses
+33 6 01 96 50 89

Bruno Ducret
+33 6 24 36 12 10

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Murdange is the obvious result of the artistic encounter between Maëlle Desbrossses and Bruno Ducret.
Their many influences and inspirations led them to forge strong links with musicians from all horizons.
The collective has established itself as a way of working together, defending plural forms of music and uniting musical groups with predominantly human ties.
As a result, friendships and projects often born in the Occitanie region are born in the Île de France, where Murdange’s driving forces are based.
This grouping provides administrative support for their artistic projects, as well as structuring their creations.
In particular, the collective has supported the group Suzanne, winner of Jazz Migration #7, from its genesis to the creation of its first album, and has accompanied the creations of Maëlle Desbrosses, born during her artist residency at Atelier du Plateau (Paris, 19).
He is also at the heart of the birth of Bruno Ducret’s large ensemble, MegaHero.

Committed to a social vision of music, the collective has accompanied a number of cultural mediation projects, notably at the IME Ste Fortunade (in partnership with Du Bleu en Hiver), at the Epadh Les Rosalières in Vendres (34) and with isolated mothers with the Mares i nens association (in partnership with Jazzèbre).


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