Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Pierre Baldy-Moulinier
Effectif: Number : 18 musicians
Country : France
Place : Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Hervé SALAMONE : trumpet, flugehorn
Jean-François BAUD : trumpet, flugehorn
Christophe METRA : trumpet, flugehorn
Vincent STEPHAN : trumpet, flugehorn
Pierre BALDY-MOULINIER : trombone, euphonium, recorder
Olivier DESTEPHANY : trombone, euphonium
Jean CROZAT : bass trombone
Vincent OLLIER : tuba, euphonium
Boris POKORA : alto saxophone, soprano, clarinet, flute
Hervé FRANCONY : alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
Eric PROST : tenor and soprano saxophone
Antoine BOST : tenor and soprano saxophone
Sylvain FELIX : alto and baryton saxophone
Hervé HUMBERT: drum
Basile MOUTON : double bass, bass
Bruno SIMON : guitar
David BRESSAT : piano, electric piano
Fabien RODRIGUEZ : percussion



Direction artistique :
Pierre Baldy-Moulinier
+33 (0)4 74 67 57 94
+33 (0)6 13 08 67 93

© Eric Soudan

OEUF Big Band exists since 2003 and has played in many festivals. Several repertoires had been created and 3 albums recorded : Eclosion, Cascade, Petits Plats pour Grand Ensemble. Some pieces were written for 2 big bands, some for a concert band and a big band or with a symphony orchestra, like what was set up with the ONL and Stefano Bollani under the direction of Leonard Slatkin. In 2020, the big band created a new show, Petits plats pour Grand Ensemble, where gastronomy and music are associated. It offers to the public the possibility to participate to an amazing experience where all the senses are mixed.


No concerts.