Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Benjamin Nid
Effectif: Number : 16
Country : France
Place : Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Jessica MARTIN-MARESCO : vocals
Laura TEJEDA : vocals
Damien SABATIER : alto saxophone
Camila Nebbia : tenor saxophone
Florent BRIQUE : trumpet
Frederic ROUDET : trumpet
Simon GIRARD : trombone
Jean-Baptiste LACOU : trombone
Maurizio CHIAVARO : drums
Anne QUILLIER : keyboards
Jean-Paul HERVE : guitare
Vincent GIRARD : contrebasse
Stéphane GINER : violon
Lise PECHENART : violoncelle
Laurent VICHARD : clarinette basse
Benjamin NID : direction / composition en direct
Tomy JAUNIN : son



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© DR

Improvised music collective, composed in real time.

“Can the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?”
Philip Merilees about the Strange Attractor of mathematician E.Lorenz – American Association for the Advancement of Science -1972
Taking as a model the butterfly effect, a phenomenon of chain reactions in which each event influences the next, The Strange Attractor is a true praise of the moment. From the liberated madness to the sensitive poetry, from the groove to the assembly of textures, it plays with the stylistic codes to form a ferocious heart or a light rustle.
Bringing together fifteen improvisers from the Lyon region, this variable geometry ensemble has become an expert in free fall: the score is written in the present and takes shape on stage. Structured by gestures coming from several languages of live composition
( Soundpainting, Conduction or Percusio con señas ), the indications of the conductor become the revelation of an epidermic collective listening.
L’Attracteur Etrange follows the multiplicity of timbres and influences of its performers from great jazz, classical, contemporary and rock formations of the region (Toubifri, Marthe, Grand Sbam, Arf, Possibles Quartet, Cie Imperial, ONL, Mourad Merzouki).
At the junction of freely improvised music, with a resolutely contemporary sound and jazz in attitude, this taste for the strange, the surprise and of course the out of the ordinary, invites us with ever greater curiosity, to marvel at the possibilities outside the box.


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L’Attracteur étrange