Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Collective leadership
Effectif: Number : 13
Country : France
Place : Occitanie

Orchestre Baraque à Free
Tarzan & Tarzan
Duo A + B
Kaaarst – Antoine Ferris



Ludovic Schmidt
+33 (0)6 95 85 82 82

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The Baraque à Free collective was created in October 2016 by Sarah Brault, Marion Josserand and Mathilde Lavignac. It brings together young improvising musicians from the Toulouse region.

The collective’s approach aims to explore the combination of constraint and improvisation, to create tailor-made frameworks of expression.

Through a benevolent and curious artistic and human operation, we wish to lay the foundations for a freer, emancipated and emancipating music. We claim a creative, hybrid and original aesthetic in perpetual evolution.

During the first years, the collective was formed around the Orchestra project in which the musicians experimented with the problems of writing in improvisation. They use alternative notations adapted to their various compositional intentions (graphic scores, verbal scores, gestures etc.). The compositions are governed by the search for consensus and built collectively with the aim of nourishing a common energy in the service of an overall sound.

Today, the collective includes the orchestra project as well as new projects that have emerged from collective musical research.


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Collectif Baraque à Free