Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Julien Pontvianne
Effectif: Number : 15
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France

Julien Pontvianne : clarinet, tenor saxophone
Antonin-Tri Hoang : clarinet, alto saxophone
Jean-Brice Godet : clarinet, bass clarinet
Jozef Dumoulin : piano
Tony Paeleman : electric piano
Alexandre Herer : electronic
Richard Comte : guitar
Youen Cadiou : double bass
Simon Tailleu : double bass
Amélie Grould : percussion
Stéphane Garin : percussion
Julien Loutelier : percussion
Ellen Giacone : voice
Léo Margue : leadership


101 rue de Paris
77 220 Tournan-en-Brie FRANCE
+33 (0)6 72 27 60 53

© Remi Angeli

Since 2010, AUM grand ensemble, hybrid band between a chamber orchestra, a big band and an ultra-modern gamelan, reflects upon a kind of common source of different music traditions – from Renaissance to Morton Feldman, from Gagaku to LaMonte Young… The source of a certain physical, organic sensibility to the sound matter. A music in which composition and improvisation are constantly serving each other, guided by the search of  a living, shifting sound. A music reflecting upon the role of the voice, evolution of continuous matters, long forms, non-temperated tunes, the acoustic phenomenon of beats, resonant, silence… 
“You’ve never listened” to the wind is built around some fragments of Fernando Pessoa’s poetry coming from “The Keeper of Sheep”, poems that Pessoa wrote in a trance, in only few hours, a day of march 1914, filled by his heteronymous Alberto Caïro, an imaginary master closed to Lao-Tseu, Milarepa or Socrates… 


No concerts.