Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Barry Guy
Effectif: Effectif : 14 musicians
Pays : Suisse
Région : Europe

Barry Guy : bass and director (GB)
Savina Yannatou : voice (GR)
Agustí Fernández : piano (ESP)
Ben Dwyer : guitar (IR)
Percy Pursglove : trumpet (UK)
Maya Homburger : violin (CH)
Fanny Paccoud : viola (FR)
Marc Unternährer : tuba (CH)
Torben Snekkestad : soprano sax / reed trumpet (NOR)
Michael Niesemann : alto sax / oboe (D)
Per Texas Johansson : tenor sax / clarinet (S)
Julius Gabriel : baritone sax / soprano (D)
Lucas Niggli : percussion (CH)
Ramón López : percussion (ESP)



Maya Homburger / Barry Guy
+41 (0)79 413 60 21

Barry Guy and Maya Homburger
Leeberenstrasse 10
CH 8477 Oberstammheim

© Francesca Pfeffer

The BLUE SHROUD BAND was formed in 2014 to perform Barry Guy’s possibly most dramatic and important big band composition “The Blue Shroud” which is based on Picasso’s iconic painting “Guernica”.
It’s the first piece to unite his varied interests in Baroque music, composition, jazz and improv at an orchestral scale. To do so Guy assembled a 14-strong crack unit capable of interpreting each aspect to the highest level,
including several early music specialists who are also able to extemporise. In the following years Barry Guy has also performed “Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor” with the Blue Shroud Band, and his most recent composition for this ensemble is called “all this this here” and takes its inspiration from “What is the Word” by Samuel Beckett. The band is ideal for “residencies” where not only the large ensemble performs, but countless trios, duos, solos and quartets from within the band can be heard.

THE DOCUMENTARY FILM by Jonathan Creasy from 2019 :
(click on the Picasso painting and insert the password ‘Guernica321’)

THE LIVE CONCERT from our performance in the Purcell Room London during the London Jazz Festival November 2019 :

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Blue Shroud Band