Liun + The Science Fiction Orchestra at Jazztage Görlitz!

Liun + The Science Fiction Orchestra will be playing at Jazztage Görlitz in Germany on Saturday 8th of June at 19:30!

A musical labyrinth awaits us, simple melodies that lead us astray. Those looking for jazz turn into pop; those expecting pop suddenly find themselves in the avant-garde.

Since they retreated to the forest cabin, both Slavin and Cadotsch have received an Echo Jazz, a kind of German Grammy. Their project is now called Liun + The Science Fiction Orchestra and is a ten-person formation (they were already seen as a four-person band at TapTab in 2019) that makes contemporary urban music with dark, almost danceable beats, imposing surfaces, dazzling, intricate synth loops and magical melodies, but also with a lot of improvisation. What seems simple never drifts into the trivial. The orchestral arrangements are carried by the cool, laconic voice of singer Lucia Cadotsch, who has already explored Appalachian folk in other formations. Now she is exploring the future.

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LIUN + Science Fiction Orchestra © Beat Halberschmidt

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