New Wind Jazz Orchestra releases its debut album « Sisu »

New Wind Jazz Orchestra releases its debut album Sisu with pianist Kristjan Randalu.

Randalu – as his first large ensemble project recording. It’s also the debut outing for the New Wind Jazz Orchestra conducted by Wolf Kerschek and features special guest trumpeter Ingrid Jensen and guitarist Ben Monder. Founded in 2018 by Lauri Kadalipp, the New Wind Jazz Orchestra aims to amplify Estonian music internationally through new collaborations.

This nine-track record combines brand new, large ensemble arrangements of original compositions by Randalu, as well as reworkings of established pieces from the Estonian canon. There are no traditional “swing big band” sounds here; rather, the album features a myriad tapestry of intriguing, pulse-oriented arrangements. Randalu affirms: “My goal was not to put together a traditional big band program.”

Listen to the new album Sisu on Bandcamp or Spotify.

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