The Dorf: protest is possible

The production of “protest possible” from first steps of contacting authors until the finished product took three years, with a lot of steps in between.

The project started in a time where capitalism endlessly speeded up and became more + more absurd, without any hope that this spiral could be paused or stopped – which then surprisingly did happen through Corona.

No protest seemed to fit, activists like Greta Thunberg were laughed at- it felt like a dead end road leading into disaster.

Basically The Dorf don’t think that this album is gonna change anything – it’s purely an attempt by some people to express their feelings.

But the times in Western Europe, where a refrain could easily contain “death to capitalism” had gone, and the lyrics – as the band have them here on this record – are filled with emotions of resistance, accusation and protest, but are also multidimensional and subtle in their meanings and strategies.

Listen et buy the album here.

© DR

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