Malik Mezzadri – flute, voice Luka Ignjatović – alto sax Kristijan Mlačak – tenor sax Đorđe Kujundžić – baritone sax Marko Đorđević – trumpet Vladimir Vereš – trombone Teodor Blagojević – french horn Miloš Budimirov – tuba Noé Clerc – accordion Vladimir Nikolov – piano Mihail Ivanov – double bass Srđan Ivanović – drums

“… Groundbreaking… The subtle touches of color and texture in his charts reminiscent of Gil Evans and Maria Schneider. Like them, Nikolov is inspired by the stirring sonorities of French horn, tuba, and accordion. But he blends Balkan metrical and tonal elements into his mix, and they introduce their own exotic aura…among the most creative current large jazz ensembles in Europe.” – JazzTimes by Thomas Conrad

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Frame and Curiosity

Release Date : 6 décembre 2019
Artist : Nikolov Ivanovic Undectet
Member : Grands ensembles