Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Thierry Maillard
Effectif: Number : 7 to 23 musicians
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France
Statut: Companionship

Thierry Maillard : piano, compositions
Hadrien Feraud : basse
Yoann Schmidt : batterie
Christelle Raquillet : flûte et piccolo
Christophe Zoogonès : flûte
Claude Egea : trompette
Julien Alour : trompette
Renaud Gensane : trompette
Lucas Saint-Cricq : sax baryton et sax alto
Stéphane Chausse : clarinette sib, clarinette basse et Ewi
Vincent Mascart : sax ténor et soprano
Baptiste Herbin : sax alto
Samy Thiébault : sax tenor
Daniel Zimmermann : trombone
Sebastien Llado : trombone
Lionel Segui : trombone bass


Thierry Maillard Big Band
9 rue du champ fleuri
77590 Chartrettes
+33 (0)6 72 21 22 38

After a career of more than 30 years as a pianist, composer and orchestrator, 17 albums as leader in various structures, I built my work around a major axis which is very dear to me and intrinsic to my musical training: the mixing of jazz and classical music.

Indeed, I started music with the accordion and classical piano, writing and orchestration at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris before discovering jazz and investing myself in it with passion. I did not however forget my training, my admiration for certain classical composers and musicians. It was thus very natural for me to continue working according to this experience.

I participated in many “mixed” projects, as solo piano, in a septet (classical string quatuor + jazz trio), a classical chamber orchestra + jazz trio, and finally a symphonic orchestra + jazz trio, constantly composing and orchestrating for these ever bigger ensembles.

My previous albums : in 2015 with the Prague Symphonic Orchestra (“Ethnic Sounds”, released in 2016 by Ilona Records), and “Pursuit of Happiness” (released end of april 2018 by Ilona Records), consist in writing for a big band of 15 musicians and a trio, always searching for a composition nourished by my history.


No concerts.