Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Manten Van Gils
Effectif: Number : 18 musicians
Country : Belgium
Place : Europe
Dieter Vaganée, Arthur Hirtz, Marjan Van Rompay, Tobias Volckaert, Tom Cautaerts : saxophones
Manten Van Gils, Kristof Decoster, Roel Vanacker, Els Verbruggen : trombones
Ruben Vanacker, Jany Van Lul, Thadeus Jolie, Marthe Van Droogenbroeck, Pierre-Antoine Savoyat : trumpets
Gabriele di Franco : guitar
Robbe Willems : piano
Wim Ramon : bass
Brecht Adriaenssens : drums


Thadeus Jolie

+32 468 26 88 91

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Q-Some Big Band is a contemporary jazz orchestra that offers a platform to the newest generation of jazz musicians in Belgium. Through the Q-Some Composer Hub they explore the richness of sound and colour that a modern big band has to offer. With their invariably refreshing arrangements, innovative programs and unexpected musical collaborations, this orchestra goes beyond the limits, in which the passion for the profession, the warmth within the band and especially bigger dreams are clearly audible.


No concerts.