Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Leïla Olivesi
Effectif: Number : Variable
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France

Leïla Olivesi : piano, composition, leadership
Quentin Ghomari : trumpet
Baptiste Herbin : alto saxophone
Adrien Sanchez : tenor saxophone
Jean-Charles Richard : baryton saxophone
Manu Codjia : guitar
Yoni Zelnik : double bass
Donald Kontomanou : drum



© Solene Person

“Here is Leila, finally, in a lightening display of her rank as a prime time Jazz composer, a musical arena that does not live only by the spontaneous nature of improvisation. Here she appears, best as ever, as architect of her imaginary world, having built upon her years of experience and research, her ear incessantly tuned to new trends in the music world, she has crafted a poetic universe that sweeps desires between childhood graces and intimate wounds. In this particular art of shaping harmony between the writing and the spontaneous, Leila impressively succeeds in ‘staging’ the parts of the soloists. She selects them with great care, as she senses their specific talent and affinities; and writes according to their individual personalities. The privilege of jazz, unlike ‘classical’ music, is that the composer can write for an exclusive musician. Leila’s blessing is to be able to count on faithful companions; a symbiotic entente that is the result of numerous years melodiously working together, between piano, guitar, and the tandem bass and battery, that engenders a rich rhythmic variety…. One senses her admiration for her artists of different generations ; whom she has selected as much from her heart as for their expertise. The mutual respect drives them to thrive and give the best of themselves.”
Claude Carrière 


  • 25 / 06 / 2024
    Création de la Rhapsody in Black de Leïla Olivesi
    Paris 75001 - Création de la Rhapsody in Black de Leïla Olivesi - Eglise St Eustache More
  • 27 / 06 / 2024
    Leïla Olivesi Octet Jazz in Aiacciu
    Ajaccio, Corse - Jazz in Aiacciu


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