Direction artistique:
Country : France
Place : Normandie

Le Tympan accompanies the following musicians :

Samuel Belhomme
Antoine Bouchaud
François Chesnel
Guylaine Cosseron
Alexandra Dufeu
Samuel Frin
Jacques Graindorge
Yann Letort
Pierre Millet
Jean-Luc Nesta Mondélice
Emmanuel Piquery
Célestine Roland



Production :
Valentine Leconte
+33 (0)2 50 08 62 44 


© Gerard Boisnel

Le Tympan (formerly Collectif PAN) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996 by musicians from Normandy with a desire to come together to help each other and develop projects. Its aim is to promote and broadcast the wide range of jazz and improvised music, to enable the public to discover bands and musicians advocating audacious/ambitious and freestyle music. Le Tympan is organising a concert season. In the programme, there will be renowned jazz musicians, local, national and international artists, showcasing a variety of styles from bebop to free, much more experimental genres.
In parallel, Le Tympan supports musicians based in Normandy, helping them with management, administration or communication aspects of their projects. The objective of Le Tympan is to get the artists and the public together and share the freedom of expression associated with jazz and improvised music.


  • 31 / 03 / 2023
    Roda Minima
    Le Tympan
    Auditorium - Bayeux (14) - Auditorium More


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