Direction artistique: Artistic direction : François Jeanneau
Effectif: Number : 15 musicians
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France

François Jeanneau : soundpainter, saxophone, flute, composition
Luc Isenmann : drum
Jean-Marie Lagache : percussion
Gary Brunton : double bass, bass, tuba
Wolfgang Edener : guitar
Valentine Quintin : voice, soundpainter
Marlène Continente : voice, soundpainter
Daniel Beaussier : flutes
François Cotinaud : soundpainter
Jean-Marc Bouchez : saxophone
Rafaël Arditti : trumpet, soundpainter
Andrew Crocker : trumpet
Olivier Lagodzki : trombone
Marion Amoretti : dance
Ann Ballester : piano



24 avenue d’Alembert
92 160 Antony
+33 (0)6 80 06 12 02

© Alice EDIM

The Spoumj orchestra was created in 2004 as part of UMJ (Union des Musiciens de Jazz).”Spoumj” was chosen for the UMJ Sound Painting Orchestra, both as an acronym and an onomatopoeia evoking a joyous explosion.
François Jeanneau is the artistic director, main sound-painter and composer.
Multidisciplinary, the orchestra is composed of 15 to 20 improvisational artists, musicians, actors, dancers, whose objective is to realize performances, and to conduct educational actions, around the language of sound-painting (more than 100 concerts).

Texts, music, and scenography are written according to the theme of the day and adapted to each particular space, thus allowing varied and unique performances.
Spoumj has traveled with many programs : Apocalypse, May 68, Crisis, Astronomy, Cooking, the Polar, Vivaldi, Nuclear, Improlitik, la Commune, rock of the 70s, Bashung, Higelin … We have also permanent program (Les Rêves de Carroll).
Spoumj embodies organised madness, assumed spontaneity, ordered chaos.


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