Direction artistique: Artistic direction : collegial direction
Effectif: Number : 12
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France

Florent Dupuit: flutes
François Mellan: sousaphone
Olivia Scemama: electric bass
Nicolas Souchal: trumpet
Lucie Laricq: violin, voice
Rose Simon: guitar, electronics
Yoram Rossilo: double bass
Julien Catherine: drums
Jérôme Fouquet: trumpet
Christine Chardonnier: flute
Benoît Guenoun: saxophones, flutes, accordion, bagpipes
Piliv Bòdzin: synthesizer


Anti Rubber Brain Factory
Elastic Tribe
Alice’s Mirror Quartet
El Memorioso
Trio Gerigk·Ianes·Mellan

Le Fondeur de Son, a collective founded in 2012, makes sound music vibrate, non-hierarchical, unpredictable, free of frameworks. LFS organizes joyful events, celebrating exchange, surprise and open-mindedness, the meeting of the arts, such as monthly improv jams open to all. LFDS has an exceptionally fertile involvement in the European SHARE project and the creation of SPIME, resulting in residencies and festivals bringing together improvisers from collectives all over Europe. The collective’s groups regularly perform in concert in the Paris region, France and Europe. Since 2016, Le Fondeur de Son has formed a label ,LFDS Records, and has produced some twenty records of original and free music. A passion for seeking out new modes of expression, a taste for artistic exploration, for questioning the obvious and for living creation are resolutely the hallmarks of LFDS.


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Le Fondeur de Son