Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Stéphane Mercier
Effectif: Number : 14 musicians
Country : Belgium

Stéphane Mercier : alto sax, flute, leader
Daniel Stokart : alto and soprano sax, flute and alto flute
Steven Delannoye : tenor sax, bass clarinet
Vincent Brijs : baritone sax
Loic Dumoulin : trumpet, fluegelhorn
Pauline Leblond : trumpet, fluegelhorn
Jean-Paul Estiévenart : trumpet, fluegelhorn
Peter Delannoye : trombone
David de Vrieze : trombone
Bart De Lausnay : bass trombone
François Decamps : guitar
Vincent Bruyninckx : piano
Boris Schmidt : double bass
Toon Van Dionant : drums


Stéphane Mercier


© DR

Since 2006, the Jazz Station Big Band is the house band of the Jazz Station, a famous club in Brussels.
The group has developed a very distinctive sound and has become paramount to the Belgian scene by featuring not only what the scene has the best to offer nationally, but also internationally with guests such as Jason Rebello (Sting), Emil Vickliki (Wynton Marsalis), Grégoire Maret (Herbie Hancock),…


No concerts.