Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Collective
Effectif: Number : 9
Country : France
Place : Île-de-France

Carmela Delgado: bandoneon
Mathias Naon: violin
Emilie Aridon-Kociołek: piano
Lysandre Donoso: bandoneon
Lucas Eubel Frontini: double bass
Aurelie Gallois: violin
Adrien Merahi: guitars
Gersende Perini: cello
Ana Karina Rossi: guest vocalist




Carmela Delgado
+33 6 78 02 23 01
Mathias Naon
+ 33 6 79 54 58 80

© Elsa Broclain

The Fónica • TM collective gathers eight musicians of diverse origins around a common project: to give voice to Tango in its most contemporary expressions. For over ten years, these companions have been sharing their paths, from the conservatories of Paris, Rotterdam and London to the biggest stages of Europe, Asia and Latin America; ten years of making their mark together, crossing paths and projects, in the effervescence of a tango in full revival.

Born in the working-class communities of Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century, the Argentinean tradition of Tango has adapted to the evolution of the world and the times, and over the last twenty years has enjoyed a new lease of life. Fónica is part of this momentum, and wants to be a player in this revival, through the values of parity, multiculturalism, creation and modernity.
Fónica is a mixed collective of four musicians of diverse origins (France, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Poland). The collective defends artistic creation (commissions, dissemination of new works, etc.) and the rediscovery of a vast heritage (re-creation, editing and recording of unpublished works, historical research).

Fónica has four singular projects in large and small ensembles: Octetology, Quinteto Emedea, Cuarteto Lunares, Trio Tasis; international distinctions: 1st prize at the Castelfidardo international competition 2020 (Italy), 3rd prize at the Piazzolla Music competition 2021; numerous recording projects: A Horas truncas (2016), Modernísimo (2019), Neotango (2023), Tasis vol.1 (2024), Lunares vol. 2 (2024-2025), Octetology anthology (2025-2026).


No concerts.