Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Collective leadership
Effectif: Number : Variable
Country : France
Place : Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Actuel Remix #03 : Ensemble Modern Live Remix
La Marmite Infernale et Charles Pennequin
Le Workshop de Lyon / mi-centenaire
Les Incendiaires
ArFolia Libra
Babel Orkestra



© Jerôme Lopez

Professional musicians partnership settled in Lyon since its foundation in 1977, ARFI (Association searching an imaginary folklore) is an indisputable joint success amid the European jazz scene. Performed by the Workshop de Lyon, the Marvelous Band (both group responsible for the creation of ARFI) and La Marmite Infernale, ARFI’s big band, their repertoire inhabits a wide musical universe: from modern jazz to improvised music, ARFI’s music speaks many languages. It is alive, learned and popular, traditional and modern, inspired, playful and played in all kind of circonstances.
Imaginative Families :
ARFI operates almost like a big family. There are 15 permanent members in the collective and about 30 artists associated regularly.
Every musician participates in the shaping of the ensemble fantasy world, this famed Folklore Imaginaire, playful and festive, unreasonable and spontaneous.
It is an unrestrained and multiform universe, made of various bands, as if they were branches of the same tree.


No concerts.