Morgane Ji & Orchestre National de Jazz Luxembourg

French-réunionese singer-songwriter Morgane Ji’s music was reimagined for a Big Band setting by arrangers Gast Waltzing and David Laborier. This innovating project combines Morgane Ji’s sometimes deep, sensual, animal- and warrior-like voice with the powerful sound of an 18-piece big band, creating a strong and captivating symbiosis. It was recorded at the famous ICP studios in Brussels and released in 2022. Having already obtained a greatly successful reception by Luxembourg’s audiences, as well as at the Colmar Festival and Prague audiences, this project is a turning point in the trajectory of the Orchestre National de Jazz Luxembourg, which opens itself to the pop/rock/electro universe of Morgane Ji. Morgane Ji and her band have been featured on the legendary TV show « Rockpalast » in 2022.


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