Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Barry Guy
Effectif: Effectif : 18 musicians
Pays : Suisse
Région : Europe

Line up these days selected from the following musicians :

Director, bass : Barry Guy
Trumpets : Henry Lowther, Percy Pursglove, Rich Laughlin, Martin Eberle
Trombones : Connie Bauer, Alan Tomlinson, Andreas Tschopp, Chris Bridges, Nils Wolgram
Tuba : Marc Unternährer, Per Åke Holmlander
Reeds : Jürg Wickihalder, Evan Parker, Torben Snekkestad, Simon Picard, Michael Niesemann, Julius Gabriel, Mats Gustafsson
Violin : Phil Wachsmann
Piano : Agustí Fernández, Marilyn Crispell
Percussion : Paul Lytton, Lucas Niggli, Ramón López, Dieter Ulrich
Bass : Bruno Chevillon



Maya Homburger / Barry Guy
+41 (0)79 413 60 21

Barry Guy and Maya Homburger
Leeberenstrasse 10
CH 8477 Oberstammheim

© Jim Four

The legendary London Jazz Composers Orchestra has been at the forefront of improvised music for over 50 years.
The group features top European musicians from both the jazz and classical field.
Highly acclaimed in North America and Europe, the pioneering orchestra is a Who’s Who of virtuoso improvising musicians, exploring the relationship and tension between composed and improvised music and between new music and jazz.
Director Barry Guy’s compositions provide a structure for the musicians’ explosive solo and collective improvisations

« LJCO is a band of soloists, and as such everybody is playing for their life. There are no passengers. The LJCO in concert is as much about physical force of sound as it is about musical information – it’s a portrait of the future. » Barry Guy

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London Jazz Composers Orchestra