Direction artistique: Artistic direction : Tom Bourgeois
Effectif: Number : 11 musicians
Country : Belgium
Place : Europe

Veronika Harcsa : Voice
Tom Bourgeois : Tenor Sax, Composition/Arrangements
Ruben Verbruggen : Alto Sax & Barytone Sax
Thomas Mayade : Trumpet
Quinten de Craecker : Trombone
Esinam Dogbatse : Flute & Percussions
Thibault Dille : Accordion
Florent Jeunieaux : Guitar
Dorian Dumont : Piano
Victor Foulon : Double Bass
Jelle van Giel : Drums



Tom Bourgeois :
+32(0)4 98 84 12 53


Attracted by both the language of modern jazz and contemporary music, saxophonist Tom Bourgeois proposes an original work at the crossroads of genres.
Initially a quartet, ‘Murmures’ becomes ‘Rumeurs’ in a formula extended to 11 musicians, all versatile and singular.
A whisper is the zephyr, a rumour is the aquilon, bearing good or bad news. True or false.
We move from the Renaissance and the Baroque to jazz, from improvisation to chamber music, from bluesy spikes (or almost) to dislocated swing.
Mystical, introspective, spiritual and then suddenly raging and exalted, Tom Bourgeois’ music explores unexpected terrain.
Inspired by composers such as Wayne Shorter, Gil Evans, Maria Schneider, Arvo Part, the group’s identity oscillates between writing and improvisation, leaving plenty of room for each musician.


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No concerts.

Tom Bourgeois “Rumeurs”