Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Michel Debrulle
Effectif: Effectif : 16 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Belgique

Pierre Bernard : arrangements and flutes
Laurent Dehors : arrangements and saxophones, clarinets , bagpipe
Véronique Delmelle : saxophone, violin
Clément Dechambre : saxophone
Michel Massot : sousaphone, euphonium, trombone
Adrien Lambinet : trombone, tuba
Véronique Laurent : euphonium
Jean-Paul Estiévenart : trompet
Nicolas Dechêne : guitars, bass guitar
Etienne Plumer : drums, percussions
Stephan Pougin : drums, percussions
Michel Debrulle : drums, percussions
Thierry Devillers : sing
Adrien Sezuba : sing
David Hernandez : sing
François Laurent : text


Mollet Myriam
+32 478 39 02 49

© Nathalie Noël

Big band power and energy of 16 musicians and singers ! Of course the 16 artists who make up L’Orchestre du Lion know each other and are all active in groups and / or performances of the Collectif du Lion. But to assemble in a single musical formation is a rare pleasure and a human and artistic challenge… but also a commercial one !
This first cd revisits titles of shows of the Collectif, with the desire to make dance, sing and smile listeners and spectators on its timeless hits!
In the future, this Orchestre du Lion will create a repertoire, specifically composed for this big band !


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