Article XI

Article XI - UK

Article XI was originally formed for Manchester Jazz Festival 2014 as Anton Hunter’s mjf originals commission for Manchester Jazz Festival. Anton’s innovative compositional method incorporates the band members’ individual voices as improvisers into the finished pieces, calling into question the composer/performer hierarchy and offering an alternative collective approach to composition. The eleven piece group (named after the 11th article of the European Convention on Human Rights, regarding freedom of assembly and trade unions) released its debut album on Efpi Records in 2018 to critical acclaim.

Artistic director
: Anton Hunter
Creation : 2014
Musicians : Sam Andreae, Oliver Dover : alto sax – Simon Prince : flute, tenor sax – Cath Roberts : baritone sax – Graham South, Nick Walters : trumpet
Tullis Rennie, Richard Foote : trombone – Anton Hunter : guitar – Seth Bennett : bass – Johnny Hunter : drums
Contact : Anton Hunter –  bookings(at)
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Beats & Pieces

Beats & Pieces Big Band - UK

Beats & Pieces Big Band take the big band sound to places it’s never been before, embracing modern textures and techniques while acknowledging and celebrating their big band lineage. A driving force of the vibrant Manchester music scene and one of the most striking ensembles of its kind, Beats & Pieces is not an average ‘big band’ – rather a band that’s big.

Artistic director : Ben Cottrell
Creation : 2008
Musicians : Ben Cottrell : director – Anthony Brown, Oliver Dover, Tom Ward : saxophones – Owen Bryce, Graham South, Nick Walters : trumpet – Richard Foote, Simon Lodge, Rich Mcveigh : trombone – Anton Hunter : guitar – Richard Jones : piano/Rhodes – Stewart Wilson : bass – Finlay Panter : drums
Contact : ben(at) (band) – danielagerstmann(at) (management)
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Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble (L.U.M.E.) - Portugal

Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble (L.U.M.E.) is a project created and led by the composer Marco Barroso. The fifteen piece group, composed by some of the most experienced Portuguese musicians – on jazz and classical music – is inspired by the tradition of the Big band model, but updates it’s speech in an intelligent, ironic and skilful fashion. L.U.M.E.‘s music combines written composition with improvisation, and reaches from funk to textural music, from boogie woogie to impressionist environments… with a Zappian twist!…

Artistic director : Marco Barroso
Creation : 2006
Musicians : Marco Barroso : composition, direction, piano – Manuel Luís Cochofel : pipe – Paulo Gaspar : soprano clarinet – João Pedro Silva : saxophone soprano – Ricardo Toscano : saxophone alto – José Menezes : saxophone tenor – Elmano Coelho : bariton saxophone – Rui Chainho, Gonçalo Marques, Pedro Monteiro : trumpets – Ruben Santos, Eduardo Lála, Pedro Canhoto : trombones – Miguel Amado : électric bass – Vicky Marques : drums
Contact : felicia(at)
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MikMâäk - Belgium

MikMâäk is anything but your average big band, it is a ambitious & wicked project of the collective Mâäk. Laurent Blondiau (trumpets) and Guillaume Orti (saxes) are artistic directors of MikMâäk, although the other musicians compose as well. This atypical crowd of 16 top artists was a resident band at Recyclart as well as Théâtre Marni and has performed on many festivals (Brussels Jazz Festival, Jazz Middelheim, Gaume Jazz, Mithra Jazz à Liège,…) ever since the birth of the project in June 2014. Their sound, energy & podium presence is simply fascinating. Organised chaos is altered with sharp individual interventions that flow organically into liberating compositions… with Mâäk’s disarming ‘touch of humour’!
Their first album “MikMâäk” was recorded in 2015 on De Werf Records. The big band also appears on the compilation album ‘Mâäk 20‘ and they’re releasing a new album in 2019!

Artistic director : Laurent Blondiau
Creation : 2014
Musicians : Bart Maris, Jean Paul Estiévenart, Laurent Blondiau : trompettes – Michel Massot, Pascal Rousseau, Niels Van Heertum, Adrien Lambinet : tubas, trombones – Guillaume Orti, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Bo Van der Werf, Grégoire Tirtiaux : saxes – Pierre Bernard, Quentin Manfroy : flûtes – Yann Lecollaire : clarinette – Fabian Fiorini : piano – Nathan Wouters : contrebasse – Samuel Ber : batterie
Contact : Laurent Blondiau – laurent.blondiau(at)
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orchestre du lion

L'Orchestre du Lion - Belgium

Big band power and energy of 16 musicians and singers ! Of course the 16 artists who make up L’Orchestre du Lion know each other and are all active in groups and / or performances of the Collectif du Lion. But to assemble in a single musical formation is a rare pleasure and a human and artistic challenge… but also a commercial one !
This first cd revisits titles of shows of the Collectif, with the desire to make dance, sing and smile listeners and spectators on its timeless hits!
In the future, this Orchestre du Lion will create a repertoire, specifically composed for this big band !

Artistic director : Michel Debrulle et Myriam Mollet
Creation : 2016
Musicians : Pierre Bernard : arrangements and flutes – Laurent Dehors : arrangements and saxophones, clarinets , bagpipe – Véronique Delmelle : saxophone, violin – Clément Dechambre : saxophone  – Michel Massot : sousaphone, euphonium, trombone – Adrien Lambinet : trombone, tuba – Véronique Laurent : euphonium – Jean-Paul Estiévenart : trompet – Nicolas Dechêne : guitars, bass guitar – Etienne Plumer : drums, percussions – Stephan Pougin : drums, percussions – Michel Debrulle : drums, percussions – Thierry Devillers : sing – Adrien Sezuba : sing – David Hernandez : sing – François Laurent : text
Contact : Mollet Myriam – Collectif du Lion asbl – collectifdulion(at) +32 478 39 02 49
Website / Facebook / Youtube

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp - Switzerland

Taking its 10th birthday in November 2016 as a pretext, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp is now playing and travelling in an extra large format, with 14 musicians on stage. Various old members of the band mixed with newcomers push the adventure further and higher. A new repertoire composed for the XXL format is blended with some old hits re-arranged, still in the ‘tropical post punk’ vein.
More people, more energy, more joy and exaltation, more trance, more dance.

Artistic director : Vincent Bertholet
Creation : 2016
Musicians : Vincent Bertholet : doublebass – Seth Bennett : doublebass – Jo Burke : violin – Anne Cardinaud : marimba – Aida Diop : marimba – Guillaume Lantonnet : drums – Naomi Mabanda : cello – Liz Moscarola : violin – George Murray : trombon – Wilf Plum : drums – Maël Salètes, Séni : trombon – Titi: guitar – Aby Vulliamy : viola – Yohan Caballe, Sébastien Guichard : live sound
Contact : puissantduchamp(at)
Facebook / Website

Philipp Rumsch Ensemble - Germany

Based on the idea to transfer the sonic language of ambient, minimal music and pop to an orchestral format, the ensemble of the Leipzig based composer and piano player Philipp Rumsch was founded in 2015. Philipp Rumsch extended this aesthetic approach with the principle of improvisation as well as with various compositional techniques and methods coming from contemporary classical music.  In the music, which results out of this process, he explores both the reduction to sound and repetitive structures but also its integration within the context of experimental popular music. The lapse of stylistic boundaries as well as of composition and improvisation creates a music in which dense atmosphere and strong suggestive power stands equally next to subtle intimacy and the concentration on structure. Twelve musicians from the classical, jazz and pop music scenes from Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and Weimar are shaping a unusual and thus open up new sonic expressions which are connecting seemingly contrary musical gestures.

Artistic director : Philipp Rumsch
Creation : 2015
Musicians : Erik Leuthäuser : vocals – Vincent Hahn : flugelhorn, trumpet – Antonia Hausmann : trombone – Matti Oehl : alto saxophone – Johannes Moritz : clarinet, bass clarinet – Franziska Ludwig : violoncello – Volker Heuken : vibraphone – Markus Rom : electric guitar – Paul Brauner : double bass – Christian Dähne : electric bass – Max Stadtfeld : drums – Philipp Rumsch : piano, live electronics, composition
Contact : Philipp Rumsch / mail(at)
Website / Facebook / Youtube

quintessence big band

Q-Some Big Band - Belgium

Q-Some Big Band stands for the pure, the nothing-but-essential core, the heart, the aspect regarded as the intrinsic and central constituent of its character. Q-Some Big Band is a bigband of young, talented musicians. With original compositions of Jan Van Moer, Manten Van Gils and Gabriele di Franco, they sail an unheard, unlimited creative course with their Dreamin’-programs. Apart from that, Q-Some Big Band performs with guests such as Pierre Bertrand (F), Paul Michiels (B) and broadens the horizon even more with a latin program. As a satellite project, ‘Aminorella, the jazz opera’ focuses on bringing bigband music to a broader and younger audience. Aminorella will be an important experiment trying to inspire children/youngsters with bigband music – an important thinking path for the future of bigband.

Artistic director : Manten Van Gils
Creation : 2014
Musicians : Arthur Hirtz, Julien Cuvelier, Tim Acke, Duilio Ingrosso, Tom Cautaerts : saxofoons – Manten Van Gils, Kristof Decoster, Roel Vanacker, Ken Serrien : trombones – Ruben Vanacker, Bart Vandercammen, Thadeus Jolie, Marthe Van Droogenbroeck, Jan Alfredo Van Moer : trumpets – Brecht Adriaenssens : drums – Margaux Vrancken : piano – Otto Kint : contrabas – Gabriele di Franco : gitaar
Contact : Thadeus Jolie / +32 468 26 88 91 /
Website / Facebook / Youtube

rêve d'éléphant orchestra

Rêve d'éléphant orchestra - Belgium

Light as a butterfly and powerful as a beetle. Immediately identifiable by its atypical orchestration and therefore its special sonority.  “(…) Inclassable assurément, et à tous égards, même si l’on entend l’écho, générationnel, du rock progressif, du jazz, de douceurs mélodiques californiennes…. Le tout porte l’empreinte, rêvée, d’un art total, et c’est une totale réussite, dont il serait heureux  que le public des festivals français puisse avoir connaissance, et jouissance!” X Prévost – Jazz Magazine

Artistic director : Michel Debrulle et Michel Massot
Creation : 2000
Musicians : Pierre Bernard : flutes – Michel Debrulle : drums, grosse caisse de Binche – Nicolas Dechêne : guitars – Jean-Paul Estiévenart : trumpet – Michel Massot : tubas, trombone, vocals – Etienne Plumer : tablas, drums, percussion – Stephan Pougin : bodhran, tupan, congas, derbouka, drums – Thierry Devilliers : lyrics, singer – David Hernandez : singer, dancer
Contact : Mollet Myriam – Collectif du Lion asbl – collectifdulion(at) +32 478 39 02 49
Website / Facebook / Youtube

TransEuropeExpress (T.E.E.) - Germany

The TransEuropeExpress is not a classic jazz band, but an unconventional formation opening maximum creative freedom and knowing no limits. The mission of the ensemble is to go on a journey, connect people, stations and places with their music, as well as to express impressions and emotions in a musical communication. It builds new European connections and takes us, starting from the Franco-German axis, on a fast ride to unknown destinations.

Artistic director : Hans Lüdemann
Creation : 2013
Musicians : Hans Lüdemann : piano, virtual piano – Yves Robert : posaune – Silke Eberhard : saxophone alto, clarinet, bass clarinet – Alexandra Grimal : saxophones – Theo Ceccaldi : violin – Ronny Graupe : e-gitar – Sebastien Boisseau : double bass – Dejan Terzic : percussions – Kalle Kalima : q.
Contact : post(at)
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